We are lucky to have this lake. Great Yarovoye Lake was formed in Western Siberia not far from the border between Russia and Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. The weather in summer is up to 35°C; with winter temperatures so low that the ice can be 60 cm thick. And we know that a really special type of Artemia can survive in these severe conditions with great temperature difference.

Siberian Artemia has to accumulate maximal amount of essential amino acids, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids while forming its cysts. Then this Siberian immunity is transferred to the immature larvae of prawns or fish juveniles. Strong Artemia may devolve quite strong genes. After trying it at least once our customers from the tropics won’t accept anything else.

Now we are sure that the lake’s ecosystem is much smarter than people. For around 20 years we have been observing that local Artemia perfectly survives in “fresh salinity”. It really does. Lake evaporation is compensated with backwater from the fresh underground water. When water salinity varies from 13.6% in spring to 15 – 15.2% in summer, necessary amount of phytoplankton appears and Artemia has enough food and may lay eggs. And Artemia doesn’t even think about breeding if it doesn’t get enough food. Cysts are usually accumulated in the lake and we check and provide favourable conditions for the resistant long-lived population of Artemia. We also provide all our customers around the world with food for the prawns.

Everyone likes unique conditions here. The lake with crustaceans is under the state protection and daily control of our research associates. Both the State and our company want everything to be fine. We suppose that careful attention to the lake gives stable long-term results. We can predict its potential and so we can be sure of reliability of our business.


We know how to run our business. Here in Russia we always give more than is needed for a bargain. Market relations in our country appeared not long ago, that’s why business for us is not just a process where only profit is important. The underlying principle of our business is mutually beneficial cooperation of the parties involved. We would like to give you much more than just “goods for a price”.

Maybe that’s why every year we get new opportunities. ARSAL collaboration with China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India, EU countries, South America and Africa proves that. There is one more important detail which may lead you to cooperation with us.

It is not easy to make us give up. We keep doing our job whatever happens, and we do it perfectly well. We are prepared to deliver our product to any part of the globe, even if we have to use dolphins to cross the Mozambique channel or camels across Gobi desert. It may be a joke, but it shows our readiness to cope with any situations that require our skills in any spheres of business activity.

And the last thing. We do not know where all the prejudices came from, but Russia is not a country with bears walking freely along the streets and snow all the year round. We hear that often and smile every time we do. However if you visit us and wish to experience any of these things, we will be able to find a bear for you and some snow from the tops of the Altay mountains.

While working together with the ARSAL team, you will have a chance to know real Russia, lively, unusual and open to any dialogue. We are not as far as it seems we are and we can speak the same language. And this language is meant not only for the single benefit “here and now” but for the long-term relations.

we are engaged in the harvesting and processing of artemia cyst (brine shrimp eggs) since 1996

04.11.1996 Arsal company was founded
1997 First in the region drying device was installed
1998 Brine washing device was launched
2000 Scientific and industrial laboratory was founded
2000 New brine washing device was assembled (increased capacity up to 20 tons per day)
2005 Installation of packaging lines with the maximum number of options for packaging
2010 Cysts harvesting from the water area of thr Great Yarovoye Lake started
2013 Brine washing device was completely reconstructed providing for increased production of up to 25 tons per day
2013 Optimization of the process of collecting Artemia at the stage of cysts due to the placing in operation of its own pier
2015 SMK, ISO, HACCP certificates of conformity have been received
2014-18 Annual participations in international aqua exhibitions

We will not sell you our products

Till the moment when our meticulous laboratory assistants tell us that we can do so. They are the in charge here because we are focused on improving quality and we are interested in being the leaders in this market.